If your facility is scheduling planned downtime during the holiday season, it might be a good time to book a Pruftechnik Peak Roll and Geometrical Alignment (RGA) service.

This total alignment solution combines ParAlign gyroscopic technology with an optical alignment laser device, making it the fastest way to align multiple rolls and surrounding structures in less than one day without compromising accuracy.

Peak RGA can increase efficiency, maximize planned downtime, free up maintenance teams, and bring a lot of value to those end-of-year budget dollars.


During a Peak RGA service, Pruftechnik alignment experts use a combination of tools to deliver a total alignment solution in a short amount of time. One of these tools is the ParAlign, a unique, proprietary non-optical measurement tool that uses military-grade gyroscopic technology to measure the parallelism of rolls in production installations quickly. The Pruftechnik team also uses optical alignment methods as needed or when aligning complex 3D geometries. This service is well suited to support a wide range of industries and their needs, including paper and pulp, corrugated, converting, and metal.

In many cases, the winter holiday break is the optimum time to halt production for select industries. Making the most of that downtime is crucial.

Here are the top 4 reasons to schedule a Peak RGA service this year:

1. Start 2021 more efficiently

Improve quality to meet your customers’ needs better and reduce wastes with the Peak RGA service. Prolonging the life of critical production assets is simply smart business. Misaligned rolls cause wear on bearings, roll covers, wires, felts and fabrics, and product deficiencies. A Peak RGA service proactively mitigates wear and tear and extends the life of your parts and machines.

Some other benefits include:

  • Reducing folds, creases, and web tracking
  • Ensuring uniform thickness, moisture, winding, and surface density
  •  Stretching, warping, telescoping, and web breaks


2. Make the most of scheduled downtime

ParAlign can measure up to 100 rolls a day, making it faster than any other roll alignment service on the market today. The setup procedure and measuring process are quick and efficient. ParAlign results are instantaneously displayed, enabling corrections to be made rapidly and adjusted rolls to be re-measured immediately.

ParAlign can even measure rolls in enclosed sections or across multiple levels because, unlike optical measurement systems, it does not require a line of sight. No baseline is needed for ParAlign measurement since the offset is defined in relation to a reference roll. However, if the baseline is needed for your project, an optical laser device can collect that data.

Plus, the ParAlign service includes on-site results and evaluation, including a full report of diagnosis, measurement, and resulting alignment fixes that provide instant validation to the service.

Example: Final ParAlign Results Report

3. Free-up your maintenance team

Not only does the Peak RGA service free up your facility management team, but perhaps one of the best features is that there will be more time and resources to focus on other preventative tasks long-term. Rather than constantly fighting to keep your machine running, you can preemptively dedicate more energy to improving your machine and your product’s quality. This is especially helpful if your team is a skeleton crew or you’re scheduling downtime at multiple facilities.

4. Spend your budget by the end of the year

If you’re lucky enough to have maintenance dollars that need allocation before the end of the year, the ParAlign service benefits make fiscal sense. If you’re looking to extend your machines’ overall life, measure and fix quality issues, or are interested in a full report that validates the maintenance expense, then consider scheduling a Peak RGA service today.

Service worker using ParAlign to transfer data to a PC

Last but not least – Safety is a priority

Our updated 2020 ParAlign service protocols include following local governmental guidelines, such as wearing proper PPE, sanitization, and practicing social distancing. We also require employees and customers to fill out health screening questionnaires.

Learn more: https://www.paralign.com/lp/paralign/page.en.html

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