Need a rugged device that is user-friendly even in harsh environments?

ShaftAlign Touch, the latest addition to the Prüftechnik Adaptive Alignment family of products, boasts a user interface (UI) designed with your entire team in mind. The best-in-class IP rating of 68 means that it withstands even the most challenging environments.

But not only was it designed to tackle almost any alignment challenge—the 3D user interface adapts to users with different levels of experience.

Adaptive Alignment includes the hardware-software combination of single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence, or ASI. This unique and powerful pairing sets Pruftechnik products apart by making it possible for even novice users to achieve precision alignment consistently. Applying analytics in real time, Adaptive Alignment recognizes and filters out low-quality or erroneous data.

Low-quality measurements filtered out

The UI of the ShaftAlign Touch was created with several ease-of-use features, significantly benefitting new and less-experienced users. The large, touchscreen graphical user interface offers a guided workflow for clarity and simplicity. It takes users through quick steps: Dimension, Measurement, and Results. Users receive in-the-moment feedback about measurement quality, and any low-quality measurements are filtered out.

The exclusive Live Measurement Quality Factor Active Clock mode, with up to five measurement positions over a 360-degree shaft rotation, make the ShaftAlign Touch accurate to a T. Lastly, the integrated RFID tag reader automatically identifies the correct machine to be aligned and enables users to see its alignment history.

Other features that make the ShaftAlign Touch a user-friendly tool—no matter the user’s experience level—include:

  • Cloud connectivity fosters team collaboration: Measurement results can be shared instantly with experienced technicians anywhere in the world.
  • Live Mode that monitors alignment corrections in real time. Alignment conditions and corrections result in a smiley face when optimal alignment is achieved.
  • Streamlined documentation—thanks to an auto-save function, a camera with a flash/torch, and ARC 4.0 software.

The user interface of the ShaftAlign Touch enables any maintenance team member to succeed at a range of alignment jobs—without requiring extensive training beforehand.


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