Pruftechnik OPTALIGN Touch sensor

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, more workers around the world are working remotely than perhaps ever before. For some roles, this transition has been straightforward and seamless. For other functions and organizations, it has meant coming up with new ways of handling tasks and new assessments of what work is the most critical. Numerous technologies make it possible for maintenance teams to continue to accomplish meaningful work on their assets—even while they work remotely.

PRUFTECHNIK, the most recent addition to Fluke Reliability, has a long track record of supporting remote and flexible work. PRUFTECHNIK’s remote monitoring work dates back to 2006, when they made asset measurement data available—and interactive—via the internet. When all German wind turbine insurers began to require all roller bearings in gearboxes and generators to be changed at set intervals, they made one exception: wind turbines with a certified condition monitoring system. These turbines could be maintained based on their condition rather than based on their installation date or operating hours. PRUFTECHNIK offered real-time vibration monitoring and comparison to reference measurements to help keep those wind turbines up and running.

Today, our remote condition monitoring offerings include the VIBSCANNER 2, a handheld, high-speed comprehensive data collector. Its triaxial sensor gives users a quick and clear look at overall machine condition. Expert vibration data analysis is available for a monthly subscription, with no hardware or software purchase required.

Online training webinars—available on topics such as precision alignment best practices, online condition monitoring, the role of leadership in maintenance, and more—are available. View our archive of previously recorded training webinars. These webinars feature experts from Fluke Reliability itself as well as industry leaders from other organizations.

Almost every organization is undergoing changes in practices or priorities during these times. Fluke Reliability has the tools and training available to help you continue your important work—even remotely.

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