ShaftAlign Touch

In today’s fast-paced environment, maintenance technicians don’t have time to deal with hard-to-use tools or complicated programs. It’s with those teams and jobs in mind that Prüftechnik is pleased to introduce a groundbreaking tool for solving common machinery alignment problems: the ShaftAlign Touch.

This innovative and user-friendly system combines an intuitive, tablet-like interface with premium Adaptive Alignment features, such as single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence (ASI), enabling technicians of all experience levels to align assets with precision and speed.

ASI provides in-the-moment feedback to users on the quality of the measurement, automatically filtering out low-quality measurements induced by user error, backlash, or environmental vibration. Users can send and receive measurement data in real time, sharing with consultants and colleagues anywhere in the world via the cloud.

Upgrade to laser systems to improve accuracy

The ShaftAlign Touch offers digital advancements over the widely used dial indicator and feeler gauge from past decades, with laser shaft alignment improving accuracy tenfold over manual alignment tools.

With single-laser technology, the laser beam passes over the coupling flanges, eliminating mechanical linkages and bracket sag. Corrective values are calculated automatically, and the corrections can be monitored in real time on the screen. Any operator can consistently achieve a precise alignment in one attempt, with minimal training or experience.

Conversely, dual-laser alignment systems often require manual workarounds, rework, and guesswork. They can be imprecise and often unable to handle gross misalignments. Single-laser technology eliminates these frustrations.

Unmatched commitment to continued innovation

The ShaftAlign Touch enables maintenance and reliability teams to align hundreds of standard rotating machines—and quickly return each back to service—to keep a plant up and running. No pre-alignment or rough alignment work is required, so technicians can save considerable time and preserve a record of the initial alignment condition.

Other features include up to eight measurement points (while competitor systems feature only three) and an integrated RFID machine identification reader, which helps find the correct machine to align and provides an alignment history of that machine.

Prüftechnik invented laser shaft alignment as a method, and this latest product launch demonstrates our unmatched commitment to continued innovation. For more details, please visit the ShaftAlign Touch product page.

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