Alignment Reliability Center

It’s an age-old problem: the technicians in the field performing shaft alignments are often physically separated from the managers and engineers who need the measurement data being gathered.

That’s why PRUFTECHNIK alignment systems — such as ROTALIGN touch and OPTALIGN touch — provide software to transfer data and measurements to the cloud to share with teams for analysis within minutes.

This cloud transfer capability, exclusive to PRUFTECHNIK, is one way Adaptive Alignment systems unlock team capacity regardless of where team members are located. Technicians can leverage cloud transfer functionality to send measurements to other team members, whether they are in the same plant or on the other side of the world.

Running the PRUFTECHNIK software application on a desktop computer puts advanced collaboration facilities at the fingertips of managers and experienced technicians, allowing engineering decisions to be made by engineers, not mechanics.

In addition to sending measurements, the cloud data transfer feature enables engineers to access a machine’s past alignment history.

How cloud transfer works

After a measurement is taken, teams can verify its accuracy and determine the next steps. Measurement results can be shared instantly with maintenance management by using a WiFi connection, cloud connectivity, and PRUFTECHNIK ARC (Alignment Reliability Center) 4.0 software.

Supervisors or others can make changes on the desktop, and send specific guidance back to a technician at the machine. Instead of waiting to get back to the office, the technician can send the measurement to a senior engineer who can then provide directions, optimizing time for both parties.

PRUFTECHNIK Adaptive Alignment systems enable maintenance teams to take on any alignment task, asset configuration, or situation in the field. With the cloud transfer capability, these systems offer even more versatility by supporting remote team collaboration. It simplifies and speeds the process of guiding technicians in performing precise alignments when they’re physically separated by distance or environmental conditions, such as those brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cloud transfer capability is another Adaptive Alignment innovation differentiating PRUFTECHNIK laser shaft alignment systems. To learn more, please visit our website and download our Adaptive Alignment white paper.

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