ShaftAlign Touch

ShaftAlign Touch—the newest member of the Adaptive Alignment family of products from Prüftechnik—may be easy to use but that doesn’t mean it’s basic.

Featuring the latest advances in laser shaft alignment technology, this sophisticated tool instantaneously detects and filters out low-quality measurements caused by user error, backlash, or environmental vibration. It adapts to virtually all rotating assets, from the simple to the complex. And users of all experience levels can achieve precise results quickly and reliably—and without time-consuming workarounds.

Before laser systems, aligning machinery was a cumbersome and challenging process. Dial indicators and feeler gauges were the tools of choice, but over time have become inadequate and not capable of highly precise results. The invention of laser shaft alignment has made it possible to be accurate to a resolution of 1/1000 mm.

However, the ShaftAlign Touch surpasses other laser shaft alignment tools designed for entry-level users. It features single-laser technology, enabling much higher precision and consistency. Repeatable results can easily be verified for accuracy. Dual-laser alignment systems, in contrast, are less precise and cannot handle gross misalignments and other common alignment challenges easily.

The power of Adaptive Alignment in ShaftAlign Touch

Single-laser technology is just one aspect of Adaptive Alignment. Active Situational Intelligence or ASI, is another. This innovative software provides users with real-time feedback on the quality of their measurements. It uses analytics to filter out low-quality calculations affected by human error or other external factors.

Users can instantly share measurements with colleagues or consultants anywhere in the world using cloud capabilities. For example, non-experienced users can collaborate with more experienced technicians to complete virtually any alignment job—even more complex tasks, such as machine trains, gearboxes, or Cardan shafts. In addition to being shared, asset data is stored online for later user analysis and trending.

ShaftAlign Touch makes quick and easy precision alignments possible so that technicians can get to the root cause of the machinery issues in a plant. Correctly aligned machines lead to savings from bearings, seals, production loss, energy waste, and more. Multiplied by hundreds of machines, it is easy to save thousands of dollars a year. In the past, most teams just replaced bearings and seals because alignment was too time-consuming. ShaftAlign Touch solves this problem, even in plants without experienced users.


ShaftAlign Touch offers unbeatable Price-Performance Ratio

ShaftAlign Touch is packed with features for an entry-level price. It has a graphical user interface that’s friendly and intuitive. The rugged housing is IP68 rated against dust, dirt, and water (up to 3m). The SensAlign 3 sensor and laser are quick to deploy and highly accurate.

Get it right the first time with ShaftAlign Touch—no matter your experience level. Complete the job quickly for almost any machine configuration or situation.

To maximize production uptime, minimize unplanned downtime, and ensure your machines operate at peak performance for extended periods of time, use ShaftAlign Touch to align your rotating assets.

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