Active Situational Intelligence

Misaligned machinery is costly for a number of reasons, from increased energy consumption to more frequent repairs and failures to shorter asset life cycles. Precisely aligned machines use up to 10 percent less energy than misaligned ones.

Correct alignment is important not just at commissioning, but as part of regular, ongoing maintenance. Laser alignment is an accurate, efficient way to make sure assets are precisely aligned. To ensure the most effective alignment, you need a tool that pairs the right hardware with the right software. Alignment may seem simple on the surface, but in reality, the process is full of variables.

Adaptive alignment tools are designed to save time and money, enabling maintenance teams to solve alignment challenges from the simple to the complex, and for almost any asset or situation.

Active Situational Intelligence, or ASI, is a Pruftechnik innovation that makes an adaptive alignment tool accessible for users of any skill or experience level. The software provides instant—and specific—feedback to the user as they are performing a continuous sweep and lets them know exactly what they need to do differently to improve the accuracy of a measurement. For instance, a notification will pop up on a tool’s screen to say “rotate slower” or “direction reversed” so the technician can make the necessary corrections in the moment.

In addition to this real-time guidance, ASI automatically detects and filters out errors such as environmental vibration or coupling backlash. In non-adaptive alignment systems, these factors can compromise measurement quality. With ASI, a quality measurement is ensured—even in the most challenging situations. Over time, technicians with the least training and experience can learn how to improve on subsequent measurements and ultimately obtain the same quality of results as more experienced technicians.

By eliminating errors and guesswork, ASI allows maintenance teams to unlock their full potential and capacity—and to do the same for their assets.

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