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Maintenance and reliability pros know that machine downtime is costly, even if it is for scheduled maintenance. Since time is precious during this period when your assets are locked down, it’s smart to maximize this opportunity proactively and strategically.

Many companies with web converting machines plan their downtime to include roll alignment.

A BFGoodrich tire manufacturing plant, for example, took the time to address misalignment issues in its roller’s post-calender section. It discovered problems more widespread than it had anticipated, but the timely review led to corrective maintenance that “drastically improved” the plant’s performance and avoided severe machine damage. (Read this separate post for details.)

If you do plan to use your scheduled maintenance for roll alignment, consider implementing Peak RGA (Roll and Geometrical Alignment), a total alignment solution from Fluke Reliability’s Prüftechnik division.

Peak RGA combines ParAlign gyroscopic technology with a laser tracker device, making it the fastest way to align multiple machines and surrounding structures in less than a day without compromising accuracy.

During a Peak RGA service, Prüftechnik alignment experts use a combination of tools to deliver a total alignment solution in a short amount of time. An essential tool is ParAlign, a unique, proprietary non-optical measurement tool that uses military-grade gyroscopic technology to quickly measure the parallelism of rolls in production installations.

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Here are three unique benefits of ParAlign:

  1. It is the fastest roll measurement method available. With a quick setup procedure and measuring process, entire machines can be measured during short maintenance outages.
  2. Results are displayed instantaneously, allowing necessary corrections to be made quickly and adjusted rolls to be re-measured immediately.
  3. It can measure rolls in enclosed sections or across multiple machine levels because, unlike optical measurement systems, it does not require any line of sight.

For more information, visit this Prüftechnik webpage or contact your local sales representative.

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