Fluke Reliability is excited to announce the VibXpert 3 Balancer from Pruftechnik, a next-generation balancing tool for diagnosing and correcting rotational unbalance in the field or on the floor.

Unbalance is the leading failure cause in rotating assets like fans, pumps, and motor-driven tools. But all too often, maintenance teams miss the early signs of unbalance. New and inexperienced employees can also struggle to diagnose the source of unbalance. The challenge is even greater when working in the field, under harsh or extreme conditions.

The VibXpert 3 Balancer is a precision smart device designed for today’s workforce. Fast, intuitive, and user-friendly, it’s easy to operate even in the toughest environments. Even non-experts can use the VibXpert 3 to identify unbalance, correct it, and get right back to work.

The VibXpert 3 Balancer has six synchronous channels so that it can easily record multi-channel vibration measurements. Take measurements from multiple angles on the asset and its components. Record measurements simultaneously and compare them to historical data. Go straight to the root cause of the unbalance and correct it, right at the source.

An interactive touchscreen display guides workers through every step of the process. Teams can view measurement data on one convenient dashboard. Get step-by-step guidance on correcting the unbalance, and then measure again until the unbalance is thoroughly resolved.

VibXpert 3 puts cutting-edge diagnostic power in your hands. By making it easy to spot unbalance issues, the tool ensures that teams can fix issues early – before they grow into expensive, dangerous problems. The result? Greater uptime, more productivity, and lower maintenance costs.

Benefits of the VibXpert 3 Balancer

The VibXpert 3 Balancer can transform just about any organization. Here are a few of the key benefits teams can expect to see.

Identify and Diagnose Unbalance Early

Even skilled technicians sometimes miss the early signs of unbalance. The VibXpert 3 makes it easy to spot problems early on, so that crews can repair the issue easily, at a lower cost.

When rotating assets become unbalanced, their vibration levels increase. A sensitive vibration monitor like the VibXpert 3 Balancer can pick up on the subtle changes in vibration levels that indicate unbalance, long before it becomes visible to the naked eye.

VibXpert 3 can carry out resonance tests and phase measurements, to diagnose the root cause of the unbalance. VibXpert 3 can also perform a deeper analysis using FFT spectrum data to isolate and diagnose tricky unbalance issues.

Resolve Unbalance Quickly, and Get Back to Work

The VibXpert 3 Balancer has six channels, for measuring vibration levels from multiple angles at once. Take multi-phase measurements, overall vibration levels, and FFT spectrum data all at once. Set-up takes just moments, and measurements are almost instantaneous. Users can minimize vibration levels simultaneously across all machine measurement points. 

The result is a tool that can quickly and accurately go to the source of the unbalance so that operators can get to work and make repairs right away. Downtime is minimal, and maintenance costs stay low.

Maximize Your Maintenance Resources

Most maintenance teams today are operating with a shrinking workforce and a lean budget. The VibXpert 3 Balancer empowers small, expertise-constrained crews to successfully correct unbalance issues.

VibXpert 3’s interactive interface functions like a tablet, making it accessible to today’s workforce. Users swipe and tap the screen to navigate through menu options. Data from multiple measurements is displayed on one screen for easy comparison. Prompts guide users through the steps of diagnosing and correcting unbalance issues.

Setting up the VibXpert 3 Balancer is quick and easy. With multiple channels, users can take all the measurements they need at once, eliminating the need to keep readjusting the device or to carry out complex calculations.

Identify and Correct Unbalance in the Field

The VibXpert 3 Balancer is robust and durable. It can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust. It can handle a beating and can keep on working even after it’s dropped. Its touchscreen is scratch-proof, even though it’s sensitive enough to be operated with gloves on.

Just as importantly, the VibXpert 3 Balancer works quickly and accurately. Maintenance crews sometimes must venture into tough environments to take measurements and correct unbalance. The VibXpert 3 Balancer lets them do their work rapidly, minimizing the time they must spend in a dangerous environment.

VibXpert 3 Balancer: Precision, Speed, and Accessibility

Fluke Reliability’s new balancer puts power and reliability right into your hands, equipping your team with the cutting-edge technology they need to keep all your rotating assets up and running. The tool is intuitive to use and accessible for any workforce. It’s also sturdy and robust enough to operate in any environment.

The VibXpert 3 Balancer is a game-changer for any operation. Put it to work, and reap the benefits of greater uptime, lower maintenance costs, and increased productivity.

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