Prüftechnik is a trusted name in North American manufacturing, providing reliable alignment and condition monitoring equipment for over 50 years. But we don’t stop there — we’re just as dedicated to caring for your  Prüftechnik tools today as we were when they first hit the market. 

Whether you bought your tool five years or five decades ago, we can help keep it in the best shape possible to extend its life.  If you have an old Prüftechnik model that needs repair or calibration, we’ve got you covered. 

Our world-class repairs and calibration team provides the expertise, in-house technology, and OEM parts needed to get your tool running like new.

Old Prüftechnik Tools That We Repair & Calibrate

Many American manufacturing businesses rely on older, critical Prüftechnik legacy alignment and vibration models to maintain peak precision and efficiency. Here are the models we service:

  • VibXpert I  
  • VibScanner I 
  • Vibrotip 
  • RotAlign Ultra 
  • RotAlign Pro 
  • OptAlign Plus 
  • All OptAlign Smart models 
  • All ShaftAlign models (Smart Align, Lase Align) 
  • Fluke 830 
  • Fluke 831 
  • Masterlign 
  • Aligneo

If you don’t see your tool here, don’t fret. Reach out and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can support your specific tool’s needs.

How We Repair and Calibrate Old Prüftechnik Tools

Getting older Prüftechnik tools to perform their best involves deep expertise and time-tested strategies. Here are the services we offer for effective recalibration and repair:

Calibration Services

No matter where your tools are in their lifecycle, keeping them up-to-date through regular maintenance is a strategic investment that yields a significant return. For optimal performance, we recommend getting your tool checked every two years for accuracy. You can also check the sticker on the outside of your device to determine when the next calibration is due.

When you submit your tool to us for calibration, we take the following steps to guarantee quality measurements and traceability:

  • Cleaning and inspection of the system. Our technicians check that everything is in proper working condition, including parts.
  • Calibration in our high-tech test and measurement lab. Our in-house facilities are equipped to repair and optimize your tools to the highest accuracy standard possible.
  • Preventive repair. We’ll check your tool’s system operation and carry out any necessary maintenance to keep it functioning seamlessly.

We’ll also issue a new calibration certificate for every device we work on. This can be used to demonstrate compliance with quality requirements like ISO 9001, as our calibration services are traceable to international standards.

Repair Services 

Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our technicians will quickly fix any wear and tear. From cracked screens to dead batteries and everything in between, we can repair it in no time.

And we don’t stop at repairs. Our services also include:

  • Future-proofing your tools. We’ll improve and update your equipment as needed so that it’s ready for future alignment tasks.
  • Loaning you a device. To keep your operations up and running, we will send you a device to use if we see that yours needs more extensive repair.

With Prüftechnik, you’ll never be without support when vital tools need fixing. Plus, you can trust that our services will keep your devices operating for years to come.

Spare Parts Supply

From crucial replacements to stocking up on batteries and cables, we’re your go-to source. If you’re unsure about which part or accessory is right for your tool, our expert team is always happy to help guide you.

With this complete care approach, your tools will be ready to tackle today’s tasks and tomorrow’s challenges.

The Advantage of Prüftechnik Calibration & Repair Services

Choosing Prüftechnik as your repair partner comes with benefits that you can’t get anywhere else. Here’s what you can expect when we repair your legacy tools:

  1. Original manufacturer expertise

    Our in-house technicians are the same people who built your equipment, offering unparalleled product experience and skill in restoring your tools to their full functionality. No one does it better than Prüftechnik. 
  1. Calibration with the latest firmware

    At our facilities, we’ll update your tool with the latest firmware, unlocking new capabilities to boost accuracy and efficiency. Trusting Prüftechnik gives your business a competitive edge.

    Equipment serviced outside our center will not have these critical updates, potentially resulting in inaccurate measurements and incorrect results. By choosing us for your calibration service, you’ll get peace of mind that your tools will operate as intended, and stay ahead with the most advanced firmware available.
  1. Guaranteed quality with OEM parts

    As the original manufacturers, we provide high-quality OEM parts and accessories for your legacy tools, whether a battery for your RotAlign Pro from the 1990s to a charger for an early 2000s unit. With our parts, you get the assurance of a perfect fit, premium quality, and compatibility with your equipment.
  1. Top-tier service from North America’s only authorized service center

    We are the only authorized repair and calibration center in the United States.

    With all services handled in our new state-of-the-art Bonita Springs and Montreal facilities, we’ve bolstered our capability to meet your needs today and scale for tomorrow’s demands.

By choosing Prüftechnik repair and calibration services, your legacy tools benefit from our deep expertise, cutting-edge technology, and premium parts. This powerful combination means your equipment, no matter how old the model, will stay at the forefront of industry standards.

Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.

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